Paper Title Course Course File
Internet Activity: Gender Sociology of the Family SOC 213 20040609-0337.pdf
Art Analysis 1 Art Apreciation ART 111 20040616-0347.pdf
Internet Activity: Parenting Sociology of the Family SOC 213 20040614-0340.pdf
Internet Activity: Domestic Violence Sociology of the Family SOC 213 20040614-0342.pdf
Art Analysis 2 Art Apreciation ART 111 20040711-0364.pdf
Fashioning the Self Western History and Culture LBST 2101 20041109-0496.pdf
The Administration of Fear Writing for Academic Communication ENGL 1102 20041114-0411.pdf
Pierced (blue) by Jean Blackburn Western History and Culture LBST 2101 20041120-0490.pdf
Midterm Exam for Plato: Eros Major Figures in Philosophy: Plato PHIL 3060 20050315-0534-B.pdf
Final Exam for Plato: Epistemology and Metaphysics Major Figures in Philosophy: Plato PHIL 3060 20050512-0514.pdf
Examination in Ancient Philosophy: Theory of Reality Ancient Philosophy PHIL 3211 20051109-0729.pdf
Mary Roehm: Bowl Ceramics Wheel 1 ARTC 2172 20061031-0833.pdf
Daniel Johnston: Lidded Lotus Vessel Ceramics Wheel 2 ARTC 3172 20070402-0890.pdf
The Gaze Digitial Photography ART 390 20080718-1007.pdf
Carl Warner – Foodscapes Digitial Photography ART 390 20080719-1139.pdf
Raphael Art History 2 ART 115 20080928-1215.pdf
Colombian Biological Exchange American History 1 HIS 131 20081005-1151.pdf
Hamada Shoji Art History 2 ART 115 20081019-1216.pdf
Pointillism Art History 2 ART 115 20081123-1217.pdf
Emancipation Proclamation American History 1 HIS 131 20081123-1154.pdf
Comparing Frost and Longfellow Introduction to Literature ENG 131 20081208-1306.pdf
Sociological Impact of the Civil War American History 1 HIS 131 20081208-1155.pdf
Perception As It Applies to Artificial Intelligence Cognitive Psychology PSYC 421 20090330-1348.pdf
Personality Analysis Theories of Personality PSYC 310 20090401-1495.pdf
Chunking Theories of Learning PSYC 320 20100312-1804.pdf
Gender Differences in Self Esteem Developmental Psychology PSYC 331 20100321-1793.pdf
Uses of Tactile Perception of the Blind Sensation and Perception PSYC 420 20100421-1864.pdf
Obersational Metods of Research Research Methods PSYC 352 20100429-1859.pdf
Lecture Exam 1 for Introduction to Sociology Introduction to Sociology SOC 210 20100825-1956.pdf
Lecture Exam 2 for Introduction to Sociology Introduction to Sociology SOC 210 20100902-2076.pdf
Animal Subjects in Experimentation Animal Behavior PSYC 443 20100920-2110.pdf
Lecture Exam 3 for Introduction to Sociology Introduction to Sociology SOC 210 20100920-2109.pdf
Midterm Examination for Multi-cultural Psychology Multi-cultural Psychology PSYC 343 20101012-1949.pdf
Polish-American Experience Multi-cultural Psychology PSYC 343 20101107-1950.pdf
Development of Nude Form in Greek Art Art History 1 ART 114 20110315-2289.pdf
Roman Architectural Influences Art History 1 ART 114 20110403-2290.pdf
Harriet Martineau - Group Project History of Sociological Thought SOCI 350 20110408-2414.pdf
Gender Differences in Domestic Violence Sex & Gender PSYC 430 20110411-2178.pdf
Routine Activity Theory Sociology of Deviant Behavior SOCI 360 20110210-2225.pptx
Jesse James Hollywood Analysis Crime & Delinquency SOCI 340 20110419-2193.pdf
Linquistic Assimilation Race & Ethnic Relations SOCI 412 20110422-2236.pptx
Gender Distinctions in Video Game Advertisements Sociology of Gender Roles SOCI 400 20110722-2464.pptx
Discrimination and Social Exclusion of Homosexuals Advanced Composition ENGL 241 20110725-2477a.pdf
Changes in the Classification of Homosexual Behavior Introduction to Lesbian & Gay Studies WGST 2050 20110921-2484.pdf
History of Queer Symbology Introduction to Lesbian & Gay Studies WGST 2050 20111111-2486.pdf
Sociology of Masculinity: An Overview Tutorial in Sociology: Masculinity SOCY 6895 20111128-2549.pdf
Absent Masculinity in Feminist Discourse on Sex Work Transnational Feminism WGST 5050 20111204-2493.pdf
Gay Invisibility vs. Gay Identity Introduction to Lesbian & Gay Studies WGST 2050 20111210-2594.pdf
Social Construction of Sadomasochism and Fetishism Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality WGST 6601 20111201-2491.pdf
Kiln Loader User-Centered Design Principles of Human-Computer Interaction ITIS 6400 20120430-2602.pdf
Discursive Construction and Enforcement of Gay Identity Queer Theory WGST 5050 20120421-2624A.pdf
Differences in Categorization Between Biological and Artificial Cognitive Systems Introduction to Cognitive Science ITCS 6216 20120419-2648-MLA.pdf
The Digital Divide as a Continuation of Traditional Systems of Inequality Pro-Seminar: Social Problems and Social Policy SOCY 5151 20121214-2699.pdf
I Don’t Like Macho, Put It Away: Considering Queercore Men in Context Directed Readings: Subcultural Masculinity WGST 6800 20121214-2775.pdf
Complexity of Social Deviance Complex Adaptive Systems ITIS 6500 20130422-2819.pdf
Complexity of Social Deviance (Presentation) Complex Adaptive Systems ITIS 6500 20130423-2819.pptx
The Effects of Stigma on Self-Disclosure in the BDSM Community Issues in Social Research SOCY 6652 20130506-2800.pdf
Gay Sadomasochism as Hyper-Masculine Performance Theoretical Approaches to Gender WGST 6602 20130508-2805.pdf
Commodified Gender Performance and Influence in Pornography Philosophical Methods and Analysis PHIL 6120 20131210-2828.pdf
Identity Theory: Reconstruction and Application Social Theory PHIL6651 20141211-2898A.pdf
Artificial Intelligence Speech Recognition with Paralinguistic Features and Absent Context Introduction to Linguistics ENGL 6161 20151209.pdf
Factors Influencing Selection of a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math Major Sociology of Higher Education SOCY 6090 20151215.pdf
Intellectual Property Rights in New gTLD Domain Registration and Dispute Resolution Policies Ethics of Public Policy PHIL 6250 20160504.pdf
Establishing a Common Identity in New Niche gTLDs Media Technologies: Form, Feeling, Force COMM 6000 20160512.pdf
Emotions in the Social Aspects of Human-Computer Interaction Sociology of Emotion SOCY 6090 20161206.pdf
Big Data Social Research Ethics and the Belmont Report Big Data Ethics PHIL 6050 20161207.pdf
Student Privacy in Institutional Research Research Ethics in Biological and Behavioral Sciences PHIL 6240 20171213_CasePresentation.pptx
Differences in the Experience of Identity Agency Across the Spectrum of Intersectional Masculinities Ethical Theory PHIL 6110 20180510.pdf
Harms of Intellectual Property Protections in Internet Namespaces Master's Research Paper PHIL 6999 20180508A.pdf
Comparison of Outcomes of Counselor-Led and Online Career Assessments Applied Research Methods RSCH 8210 20181210.pdf
False Color Photographs in Scientific Communication Technical Writing ENGL 6116 20181213.pdf