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Development of Nude Form in Greek Art

Art History 1 ART 114
Associate in Fine Arts Spring 2011


Greeks art is highly influenced by the human form. The most vivid illustration of this influence is the evolution of Greek sculpture. The appreciation for the nude form is evident in sculpture, painting (most notably on ceramics) and even in Greek philosophy. The standing male nude and the draped female form are some of the most iconic of styles emerging from the Greek obsession with the human form. The nude male form appears more prevalently in Greek art than the draped female form. It is apparent from the frequency of the occurrence and the level of development that the human form was the most important aesthetic inspiration for ancient Greek art. The gender roles of ancient Greece are obvious in the presentation of the two different forms. The draped figures of the females are all very modest, and conservatively draped, whereas the male figures are completely exposed and sculpted to show the strength and masculinity of the male form.

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