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Absent Masculinity in Feminist Discourse on Sex Work

Transnational Feminism WGST 5050
Graduate Certificate in Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Fall 2011


Feminist discourse proposes a system of gender equality through the destruction of the hegemonic system of power. The traditional approach to feminism constructs a world view that disregards men as being any role other than the oppressor. While in the Western world there may be statistical justification for this, when viewing feminism as a transnational construct with global ramifications that scope loses its validity, but as feminism is fueled by Western ideals, men and their associated masculinity are ignored in feminist discourse. This paper exposes some of the shortcomings of feminist discourse, particularly in the area of sex work. Men are ignored in all but a handful of academic articles, leaving them unrepresented. This paper utilizes those few articles and presents an argument for the need for further representation of men in feminist discourse.

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