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Artificial Intelligence Speech Recognition with Paralinguistic Features and Absent Context

Introduction to Linguistics ENGL 6161
Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science Fall 2015


Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising fields to aid human-computer interaction. Creating methods to give computers the functionality of imitating intelligence by adapting their own responses to information they are given or utilizing machine-learning techniques to expect or anticipate needs has the intended benefit of simplifying human interactions with computers (Dinsmore and Moehle 13). One of the more troubled areas of artificial intelligence is voice recognition. Computers function in specific binary (digital) commands, and human language is laden with ambiguous lexical terms, internal contradictions, cultural references and tonal and inflectional differences. How are artificial intelligences to cope with these complexities to become fluent in human verbal communication? This paper will examine how artificial intelligences cope with tonal and inflectional differences and the absence of a contextual awareness in speech recognition.

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